Paybacks are what they are

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Paybacks are what they are

Post  gwtriker on Mon Nov 17, 2014 6:18 pm

Husband and wife were going through a nasty separation and divorce. She was living in the house till the judge decided who gets what .... he got the house and she had to move out.

For her last meal in the house, she went all out and had shrimp and caviar.  She bought a lot of both and after eating her fill, she had a lot left over.  Being a little spiteful she found a use for the leftovers ...

She started in the front room. She removed the ends of the curtain rods and put in a shrimp and a few caviar into each end and put the rods back up. She then prceeded to do the same in the dining room, kitchen and all three bed rooms.

No sooner had she moved out when her ex and his girlfriend moved in.

They weren't there but a week when they started smelling this awful, awful smell.  It was to the point the girlfriend was treatening to leave unless they did something.  After pulling up rugs, repainting the walls and a professional fumigator, the smell was still there and getting worse. He decided to sell the house.

He ended up having to sell the house himself because every realtor that came in refused to list the house because of the smell.  Dispite room deoderizers everywhere, prospective buys "ran" out of the house.

One day, the ex-wife drove buy and saw the house for sale. She stopped, talked with her ex and made him an offer to buy the house for 1/10'th of what it was appraised for.  He had no choice but to take her offer.

The beauty of this story is, that to get even with the ex wife for the low price she paid, the husband and his girlfriend took all the curtains and curtain rods with them when they moved out!


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