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Floor Repair on TrailLite Camper, grrrrrrr.

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Floor Repair on TrailLite Camper, grrrrrrr. Empty Floor Repair on TrailLite Camper, grrrrrrr.

Post  Richard Tue Jun 25, 2019 3:58 pm

It's time to fix the floor in my Bantam Trail Lite Hybrid.  Soft spot in front of the fridge.  Based on my internet research, the floor has a very few metal beams, and is mostly made of styrofoam sandwiched between an aluminum underbelly and a Luan top piece.  This will be tricky to repair.  I've seen several solutions, and none are satisfactory.  I'll take photos when I get to that point.

I considered just patching it up a bit, or flooring over it, but I'd know that wasn't right. I don't mind doing a mod to a design, but not something that just puts off the problem. I learned that with the PopUp. I kept trying to patch the lift system. I finally bought all new parts, installed them, and never had another problem.
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