1st trip of the year complete

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1st trip of the year complete Empty 1st trip of the year complete

Post  afob3 on Mon Mar 24, 2014 11:29 pm

I just realized I didn't take a single picture from this past weekend so I'll post it here...

We spent Thursday through Sunday at the Townsend KOA on site 53.  It was a last minute trip we booked after learning some friends from Sunday school would be there.

It almost didn't happen with everything that needed to be done to get the TT ready to roll in 3 days.

Oil change for the truck on Tuesday required a return trip after finding a puddle of oil under the truck.

I had the propane tanks topped off on Thursday morning.  I got them all hooked up to realize that one of the pigtails to the regulator was hissing gas.  I figured I could get away with the other side and just swap tanks if necessary.  Then I found the second pigtail's valve was clogged or stuck.  At this point we are leaving in an hour but not if we can't have heat.  

My oldest and I took the bad pigtails and headed to Rapid Flow propane behind the WalMart in Alcoa where we found the parts we needed and some quality advise.  After a detour through ChickFil-A's drive through for a treat to calm me down, we returned and had everything fixed and working.

At this point we are way behind for when we wanted to hit the road and hadn't even been to the grocery store yet.  We decided to just wing it and get groceries at that little IGA in Townsend.

So after a very stressful afternoon we pulled in, set up and everything was perfect.  Great site, great weather, great friends.  We're already looking at the boy's next 3 day weekend on the school calendar!

Too bad I re-winterized just in case for the next few nights.


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1st trip of the year complete Empty Re: 1st trip of the year complete

Post  chuck on Wed Apr 02, 2014 8:46 pm

Glad you got the first trip in.. And had a good time. I was hoping to camp at least once before the kick off.. But probably isn't going to happen.

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1st trip of the year complete Empty Re: 1st trip of the year complete

Post  merrykalia on Wed Apr 02, 2014 9:39 pm

I don't think we will make it for another one until the kick-off, either. Maybe a night in the driveway, but won't be taking it anywhere.

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1st trip of the year complete Empty Re: 1st trip of the year complete

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