surge protector anyone?

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surge protector anyone?

Post  SouthWestyKim on Wed Jun 19, 2013 6:20 pm

Last weekend when we were camping at sweetwater KOA I noticed that the air conditioner started acting funny late in the evening right when a class A parked next to us and set up. The ac motor seemed to bog down intermittently. It finally quit but I was wondering if perhaps it was because of low voltage. Ive read about all the problems an rv'er can come across with campground electrical plugins and how if not working correctly fry all your electronic equipment in your camper, air conditioners especially. Im currently looking into purchasing one of these :  Do any of you members have any sort of surge protection you use? This may be over kill but it works with low voltage as well as surges and other electrical conditions common to campgrounds.

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Surge Protector

Post  gwtriker on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:46 am

I went with EMS from Progressive Industries (
Did so after a friends refridge circuit board was fried when during a power outage the camper next to him fired up his genset (without disconnecting from the park power) and backfed reverse polarity power into the parks system.

The EMS is kind of pricey but well worth the money ....
* unit wouldn't energize my rig because of an open ground on the parks power pedistal (have since started testing the breaker box before plugging in)
* kicked out on low voltage
* kicked out from a spike caused by lightning
* with built in time delay, keeps AC and refridge from rapid cycling during storms when power is coming and going.

Have heard of the portable units "walking", I purchased and installed the perminent version of the EMS.


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