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Post  Guest on Thu Mar 07, 2013 10:20 pm

We are thinking of going up there Memorial Day weekend. Has anyone been there? I can't find many pictures of the campground but the ones I've found look nice. Can anyone give a review of the campground? Also, and perhaps more importantly, What is the best way to get there from Upper East TN with a camper in tow? I'd hate to drop it off the side of a mountain! I did see a picture of a big 5th wheel in the campground, so how bad could it be? Right? I know the roads up there in coal country are curvy, just looking for some first hand experiences. Thanks in advance...


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Breaks Interstate Park Empty Re: Breaks Interstate Park

Post  merrykalia on Thu Mar 07, 2013 11:40 pm

Well, you are talking about my neck of the woods now. It is beautiful and the roads are scurvy and mountainous, but tandem coal trucks use it every day. From JC, take I26 into Va, which turns into Rt 23. Continue on Rt 23 through VA into KY. Just before Pikeville turn right toward Elkhorn City and The Breaks. It is a better road through KY, but the VA is quicker. If you want directions through VA let me know.

We will be hosting at Natural Tunnel in May. Come give us a visit.

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